MainPanel - FAQs

When does the order start?

The order start time is different for each service and you can find that information under the “Read me” section in the “New order” page, or by clicking on the “Description” button in Services Page.

The start time will be always the same?

The start time is based on an estimation and can be changed anytime; it depends on the network usage, server overload or queues.

Where can I find the order start time?

You can find that information under the “Read me” section in the “New order” page, or by clicking on the “Description” button in Services Page.

How long can it take since the order starts?

Order cycle/queue can take up to 24 hours or more in case of overloads or network limitations.

Please DO NOT open tickets on orders that not started at the estimated time, even if it is written “instant”.

Can I cancel or edit an order?

Orders CANNOT be edited, changed, or canceled once placed on most of our services. You can find that information under the “Read me” section in the “New order” page.

My order has been canceled, what happened?

Your order will be canceled/refunded automatically if our server failed to deliver the service for any reason.

How can I cancel an order for the services which offer a cancellation option?

For services that we offer a cancellation option, please create a new ticket with your Order ID.

What happens if I place multiple orders on the same link?

If you start two orders on the same link at the same time, these orders could be bugged and we AREN'T RESPONSIBLE for any inconvenience. This because you will mix the start counter and the servers won’t know how much they are sending.

How long can it take to refill my order?

When you ask for a refill, the start time of it is 24/48 hours. Please don't open new tickets or it will be ignored.

How can I know if an order can be refilled?

You can find the refill period on the title* and description of each service.

  • R10 = Refill period 10 Days
  • R30 = Refill period 30 Days

You can also find that information under the “Read me” section in the “New order” page, or by clicking on the “Description” button in Services Page.

What is the refill period?

The refill period is the warranty time for our services. If an order that allows the refill drops, you can open a ticket with the order ID and ask for a refill of it. If a service has "No Refill / Refund" written in the description, don't open a ticket where you ask for a refill, we will ignore it.

I placed multiple orders on the same link, what can I do?

If you put a double order for error, open a ticket with the order IDs and we will try to cancel them and it will take some days.

How long can it take to cancel an order?

If we start a cancellation, the time to the completion of it is 1/4 days.

The order dropped under the start counter, is it eligible for a refill?

If the actual number of followers, subscribers, views, … is lower than the start counter of the order you are asking for a refill, we can't process it. You need to get back to the previous start counter and then we will start the refill.

How can I Track the Website Traffic?

There are two ways to track the "Website Traffic" services:

How can I track YouTube Shares?

To track YouTube shares you have to:

  • Go to YouTube Studio and click on Analytics;
  • Click on See More at the bottom of the chart, then click on 'More';
  • Now you can click on Sharing Services and here you can see detailed information about your Social Shares.

Please note! Social Shares take 4-5 days to be updated on your Analytics.

Can I monetize my YouTube channel with your services?

Yes, because our YouTube services are ALL high-quality, AD- Safe, and guarantee.

Can I resell MainPanel services via API?

Our panel support Full API Connection, you can run your SMM business 100% hands-free.

You can find our API docs in

Can I start my own SMM panel with discounts?

Yes, it is called “Child Panel” and depends on MainPanel services. The panel will be created by our team and will contain our services with discount prices.

Register or login and visit to know more about that.

What is the “Partial” status?

It means that the order is completed partially and you have been partially refunded (based on the quantity delivered).

What is the mass order?

The mass order is a tool that allows you to place multiple orders on different services, links, quantities in one place.

How does the mass order work and how can I use it?

You need to put the service ID (found in services page) followed by the link, followed by quantity on each line.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you want to use the Mass Order to add Instagram Followers to your 3 accounts: "UserA", "UserB" and "UserC"; from the Services List, the service ID for this service “Instagram Followers” is the number "75". Let’s say you want to add 1,000 followers for each account, the output will be like this:

  • 75||1000
  • 75||1000
  • 75||1000

What are the “Instagram Saves” and what do they do?

"Instagram Saves" is when a user saves a post on Instagram (by pressing the save button near the like button). A lot of saves for a post increase, its impression.

What are Instagram “impressions”?

They are the total number of times your post has been seen.

What are Instagram “reaches”?

They are the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.

Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can get a discount if you are a big buyer.

If you are a big reseller we can do an exception and offer a discount to you immediately. In this case, open a ticket and show us your business potential.