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Nov 26, 2021 - 3 min read

Lara M.

Lara M.
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Instagram services

1. What is Instagram?

For those who love social networks, wondering what Instagram is and what is it used for, is superfluous, but many users often ask themselves this question.

It is a fact that everyone knows the exponential growth of users subscribed to Instagram in the last five years: the news, the sociologists of communication talked about it, and today it is not easy to find a person who at least once did not hear this name.

Instagram is a social network site born in 2010, acquired a few years later by Facebook Inc (now Meta Platforms, Inc), the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg: that is why lots of Instagram features are linked to Facebook or WhatsApp. The Instagram platform differs slightly from the social networks that preceded it (Facebook and Twitter above all), referring to an approach much closer to Pinterest, Snapchat, and new social media focused on photographs and videos of all kinds.

If you are not among the young users of this social network and you are wondering what Instagram is and how it works, continue reading this article because we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the operation of this application.

2. How does Instagram work?

Instagram is a social network designed for sharing and publishing photos and videos: Instagram users have a personal profile where they can upload photographs and videos, thus sharing with the people in their network (followers) the moments of their day. It is a popular platform: that is why recently, in addition to being a communication channel, Instagram has become a real marketing tool. Instagram offers the possibility to create various types of profiles according to the goal you want to achieve or according to your needs and preferences. Each profile has different characteristics according to the purposes pursued; the type of Instagram account you choose to create is very important. Profiles are identified by a unique username, chosen during registration. You can change the nickname later by choosing it among the free ones (i.e. not in use by other users registered on the platform).

You can distinguish Instagram accounts into two types: one is designed exclusively for socializing purposes and coincides with your physical identity, while the other is designed more for advertising or commercial purposes and coincides with the brand name, company name or an alter-ego if you are a public figure.

Profiles for personal use can be configured as public profiles (this is the automatic status when creating a new profile) or as private profiles (it is configured later in the platform):

  • Public profile: it is the default setting for new users. You can change this status to a private one anytime. With this type of profile, everyone can see the photos you share;
  • Private profile: it is the right choice for the people who want to share photos only with their followers; this kind of profile allows you to show your feed only with the people you want to.

Profiles allowed for business purposes are instead of two types:

  • Business profile: this sort of profile is used for commercial purposes by brands, companies and influencers. You can set up this type of account to do advertising and to have additional features available, such as data monitoring and interactions with other users or the ability to organize chats into multiple conversation types. It is allowed at any time to switch from a personal profile to a business profile on Instagram by checking it in settings. The process, however, is always reversible.
  • Creator profile: this is the latest addition to the Instagram profile types. It is an account intended for content creators or influencers. It has the same functions as a business profile but at the same time offers more powerful tools for managing the profile and evaluating the content posted by monitoring its progress to improve its growth.

3. How is the mobile application structured?

The main page of Instagram, called the feed, shows a collection of the most recent content posted by users on the platform. To start seeing content posted by other members, you will need to interact with them. The primary action is to follow (follow) a user so you can see what they post. You can use the Instagram search function to find your friends, relatives or to follow celebrities, big brands and other users subscribed to the social network.

As soon as you start following other people, you will see notifications telling you about the following activities performed by others. The more users you follow, the more the Feed will be full of content shared by people you follow. In addition to this, you can use the Explore section to see new content and discover other users registered on the platform.

At the top of it, you will find a carousel with their images. By clicking on it, you can access one of the most used features of Instagram: the stories. They are short videos or photos (up to 15 seconds) that are only visible 24 hours after publication. Through Instagram Stories, you can publish photographs or videos taken in real-time or import them from the gallery of your phone.

Stories also offer elements of interaction with users who publish them: it is possible to add a comment or a reaction and start a conversation with the other user.

4. How can I promote a product from my Instagram profile?

Let’s take an example: you have written a book and, after publishing it, you want to promote it on Instagram. Instagram provides expensive features that allow you to promote your product, but you can see them as subscriptions. An easier and cheaper way to promote your products or your business or private profile is by using "" Instagram Services:

  • Followers: you can get an unlimited number of followers from generic and cheap followers to country targeted followers, to gender-targeted followers, to “blue ticked” (verified) followers and more. All the followers are real or act like organic accounts. By buying followers you can boost your page, reach more people, and therefore potential customers. It works by the principle which implies that the more followers a page (private or business account) has, the more trust a customer gives to the page. SMM-MainPanel provides targeted followers from all over the world (European, American, Asian, African in general, but also country targeted), gender and country based; it also provides follower packages with affordable prices and follower services with long-refill warranty. You can get fast and cheap or slow and more expensive, but high-quality, followers to meet the needs of all.
  • Likes: as for the followers, you can buy almost unlimited likes for your posts. They also are country, gender-targeted and they exist in packages form (with affordable prices). There are two kinds of services: the cheap and fast ones, and the slow and more expensive, but better quality ones and also lifetime guaranteed. You can buy likes for your photos, videos, reels and IGTV. You can also buy likes from verified accounts from the “blue tick” services.
  • Views: if you are a Creator, then this service is for you. You can buy: IGTV, Reels, video and live stream views; they also are general world views, country and gender-targeted and are available in packages.
  • Comments: SMM-MainPanel comments services are customizable too; you can get as many comments as you want, even country targeted, random emoji comments, gender target, custom comments, language targeted random and customizable comments and also comments from verified accounts. You can buy likes for your photos, videos, reels and IGTV. There are also combination packages of likes, views and general impressions from all over the world: they are perfect if you want likes, visualizations and comments from the same accounts.
  • Stories: using these services it is possible to buy all kinds of interactions available for Instagram Stories, for example, views for all the stories an account shares, to the interaction with the swipe up feature, to the clicks on a link, to the impressions and answers to the stories and more.
  • Impressions, profile visits, post saves, reach, and more services are available on for boosting your social page.

All the services listed before are available in the “automatic” version, where you can get all the services you want to start as you share something on your page; packages and combinations of these services are perfect to appear on the Explore page.

Using SMM-MainPanel to get more Instagram followers can benefit you both personally and as a company. Using our services, growing your Instagram profile has never been easier. SMM-MainPanel interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy for any skill level.

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