How to boost your YouTube channel

Dec 7, 2021 - 5 min read

Lara M.

Lara M.
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How to boost your Youtube channel

Would you like to know how to make the most of YouTube's potential? Are you thinking about opening your channel, uploading your creations and maybe making some money? Would you like to access YouTube from your mobile devices, wherever you are, but you don't know how to do it? Don't worry: you're about to find all the answers you're looking for. With today's guide, I'll show you how YouTube works and explain how to make the best possible usage of it.

Not only does YouTube allow you to watch all kinds of movies, including films, live sporting events, series designed for the Web and much more, but it also allows you to show the world your skills: are you a singer? An amateur filmmaker? A Record Company? A comedian or simply a private citizen with something to say? On Google's platform, you can upload your videos, create an audience and, in time, even make it a job.

1.2 Watching videos on YouTube

YouTube is Google's video sharing and viewing platform that collects billions of clips of all kinds, uploaded by users from all over the world. You can watch videos on YouTube for free, with no limitations and no registration requirement.

If you want to start using YouTube, you have to connect to the main webpage or app. Here you can find: an overview of the most viewed videos collected under the heading Trends, a series of recommended channels and some categories (Music, Sports, Games, Movies, News, Live, etc.) that collect the best videos by genre, also visible in the menu on the left, under the heading Best of YouTube.

If you want to watch a video, you have to click on the title of one of the videos on the main page or search for a video using the search bar at the top. Write what you want to watch in the Search field and click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search, then locate your favourite video among the results and click on its title to start playing it.

Under the player, you can view all the information about the running video: title, views, the name of the channel on which it is uploaded, the description and the date of publication. If you liked the video, you can leave a like or share it on social networks by clicking on the Share item (which also allows you to copy the URL address or the embed code by clicking on the Copy or Embed items).

After logging into YouTube, as I will show you in the coming paragraphs, you can access many other functions reserved for registered users.

  • Like, Dislike: you can rate a video by clicking on the Like or Dislike buttons;
  • Playlist: with the Add to button, identified by three horizontal lines and a +, you can add the video to a playlist.
  • Subscribe to the channel: by clicking on the red Subscribe button, you can keep track of the channel's activities, with the possibility of receiving notifications for each new video uploaded.
  • Comments: registered users also can leave a comment on the video, typing text in the Add a public comment field. If the comment space has the words Comments are disabled for this video, the channel does not allow commenting.

To take advantage of numerous features such as the ability to comment, create playlists, subscribe to channels, upload videos and manage a Channel, you need to sign in to YouTube with your Google account.

1.3 How to join the YouTube community

To sign in to YouTube, go to the main page of the Google platform and click the Sign In button at the top right corner. On the Choose an account screen, click on the Google account you want to use to sign in to YouTube, enter the Password and click on the Next button.

Now you will be able to create your YouTube channel! On the site's homepage, click on your photo in the upper right corner and press the My Channel button. If you want to create a channel with your first and last name, make sure that the data in the First and Last Name fields are correct and click the Create Channel button, otherwise click the Use a company or other name option, enter the channel name into the Brand Account Name field and click the Create button.

Now you can customize your channel, like changing the name, graphics and categories, simply going on the Customize channel button. You can also upload videos from your device, Google Drive or Google Photo. While you are uploading, you can insert a Title, Description, Tags and a customized thumbnail. There are several ways of publishing videos: Public, visible to everyone; Unlisted, visible only to everyone who has the URL of the video; Private, visible only to the channel's owner; Scheduled, a video that has a date of publishing.

You can also upload a movie from your computer and make a live video. Click on the Upload button at the top, and in the Live streaming box on the right, click the Start button to prepare a live broadcast.

YouTube has the Creator Studio section that allows you to manage your uploaded videos, customize your channel, view its statistics and reputation. It also allows you to activate some features such as monetization, uploading videos longer than 15 minutes and requesting a custom URL for your channel.

The main screen is called Dashboard, and it shows some statistics of your channel like total views, channel subscribers and some data from the last 28 days. In addition, you can view the latest videos uploaded and comments received, but by clicking on the Add Widgets button you can edit the Dashboard by choosing which boxes to display. Through the menu on the left, you can take advantage of all the functions of Creator Studio:

Live Streaming: the section to manage live broadcasting, the same mentioned in the previous paragraphs. It is also possible to schedule live events.

Community: the section where you can manage comments that the audience has left on the channel's videos. You can reply to comments, approve comments waiting for review or mark them as spam, view private messages, manage user blocking and much more.

Channel: the section where you can view the copyright status and the status of community rules and activate the numerous YouTube functions. You can view the activation status of functions such as Monetization, Live streaming, Superchat, Custom URL, Longer videos and much more. For each feature, it's required a minimum subscriber threshold for eligibility and a guide for activation.

Analytics: the section for keeping track of the channel's statistics, in which you can view the most viewed videos and those that monetize the most, but also information about the viewing audience, to find out the viewing location, gender, traffic sources and geographical regions. On this subject, you can read my guide on how to increase views on YouTube.

Create: to create and download free music tracks to use in videos.

Manage Videos: to view the list of uploaded videos. You can see some information such as Views, number of Comments, number of Likes and Dislikes, privacy and whether the video is monetized or not.

In addition to viewing the list of uploaded videos, you can also access the editing area of the video in the video management section. Click on the Edit button related to the video you want to edit, after which you can change the title, add new tags, change the video description, thumbnail and privacy status. You can also apply changes directly to the video: click on the Improvements item at the top and choose one of the available functions such as AutoCorrect (to apply improvements automatically) or Stabilize t(o remove vibrations from the video).

In addition, you can increase or decrease the speed of the movie, adjust colours, apply filters and blur effects. Through the Audio, Tabs and Subtitles sections at the top, you can manage audio, add tabs and subtitles to your video. You can also trim an already loaded video.

1.4 The best way to boost your YouTube channel

If you want to boost your channel and all the contents you share, the best choice is to use YouTube services on!

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  • YouTube Views: on you can choose from a great list of youtube views services, to meet the needs of all! There are different kinds of YouTube video views:
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SMM-MainPanel is great to get more from your YouTube channel and can benefit you both as a single creator and as a team of creators. Using our services, growing your YouTube channel has never been easier. SMM-MainPanel interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy for any skill level.

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